How To Start A Book Club

Amanda Brooke
I have been asked several times how I got involved in this book club and the answer is simple, I started it. If you are interested in being a part of a book club, I highly recommend it.  You can make new friends and you’ll read and enjoy all kinds of books you may never have read.
Here are some tips to help you start your own book club!

How to Start a Book Club

You Don’t Need A Lot Of People

Invite a couple of your friends who like to read and have them invite a couple of their friends. Voila, you have 6 to 8 people!

Meet at home on a weekend night
  • Restaurants are too loud and even if you are having a great time you probably don’t want to occupy some poor servers table for five hours.
  • Drinking wine and eating out is expensive.
  • Everyone will have more fun it they can relax.

Take Turns Hosting

  • The hostess cooks dinner, and everyone else brings wine.
  • Duh, have wine!

Try To Meet About Once A Month

  • Decide who is going to host the next book club and the date before you leave.

Children Are Never Allowed At Book Club

  • Nursing babies are the only exception.  Breast pumps are ALWAYS welcome.

Let The Hostess Pick The Book

  • My book club has arrived at this through trial and error. Let me save you the trouble! It is so much easier to allow one person to choose the book. However, this can be difficult before you really know people. So you could do the following.
    • Bring some information about three different books to the book club and vote for the next selection.
    • Email three different selections and get everyone’s input.
    • Google “popular book club books” and agree to read the first five books.
    • You can figure it out!  You love to read.

Read The Book

  • Maybe this isn’t important to you, but it is to me.  If I have made an effort to read a book I didn’t really want to read, go to book club and find that someone else only read the first chapter then decided it wasn’t for them, I am going to be pissed {I’m crazy like that}.
  • There are rare exceptions to this.  Everyone has busy/difficult times and sometimes you just can’t read or finish the book.  Do your best.

Do Not Invite New People To Book Club Without Asking The Original Members

  • Can you say drama? I can! I’ve been through it. Once you’ve been meeting for awhile, ask the other members of your group before you invite anyone.

Enjoy your book club!


How to Start a Book Club

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