Neighborly Gestures & Spray-painted Birdcages by chapter 37

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Neighborly Gestures and Spraypainted Birdcages by Chapter 37

People watching (in a non-creepy sort of way) furnishes me with an enormous amount of amusement. Take my neighbor for instance, whom I happen to think is one of the nicest people ever. She’s somewhere in between Aunt Polly from Tom Sawyer and Marilla Cuthbert from Ann of Green Gables. She’s as proper a Southern lady as you’ll ever find. She’s the only person who I have ever seen washing a car in a starched collared shirt, with every hair primly in place. She’s just the sort of person who never gets “rusty”…quite unlike the birdcage she gave me to take to the dump for her.


Abby - chapter 37ABOUT ABBY:  Hi there! My name is Abby – blogger, shop owner, mom of two busy little girls, and wife to the best guy ever. Sewing tops the charts for my favorite activity, but I’ll attempt pretty much anything that can be done (or destroyed) with two hands. My shop and blog, chapter37, are my places to tell my creative story.

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