I Heart You ~ A Sewn Paper Valentine

Amber of Salt Tree

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We can all agree that Valentine’s Day, like so many other holidays, has become increasingly commercial, and well… let’s face it… one giant bouquet of roses, stuffed with teddy bears, smothered in XO’s, covered in chocolate, wrapped in pink tissue and plastered with sappy I love you cards. I can see everyone nodding, and I get it.  It’s too much red hearts and flowers shoved in your face.

But, let me also say this…

Why not be all sappy and roses?

Why not share silly pun riddled cards with loved ones?

After all, could the world not use more love and appreciation? Could we all not benefit from sharing just a little bit more thoughtfulness?

Perhaps having a child has changed my perception of this day.  I’m ok with that.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take Valentine’s Day and make it sweet, sappy, punny… all hearts and teddy bears.  And why not teach that innocent sweetness to our little ones.  If we do it well enough, just maybe, they’ll grow up and continue to spread that care and warmth the whole year through.

So, if you’re with me, let’s get cheesy together and celebrate this ultimate sappy holiday by making some candy filled, sewn paper Valentines!


8.5×11 Paper


Needle & embroidery thread / thin string /yarn

Printer / or other means of decorating


You can use whatever paper you have on hand. I used leftover brown parcel paper from Christmas which I cut to 8.5×11 to fit my printer, but lined paper would be cute, or even basic plain white paper. No need to rush out and buy, just use what you have.


Print the provided graphics onto your paper (or create your own) and cut them out.


Using a needle and embroidery thread, begin sewing the front and back together of one of the hearts.


Before you completely sew it closed, drop in some cinnamon hearts, jellybeans… anything you wish, then put in those last few stitches.


Make them for your friends, your co-workers or fill with something extra special for your sweetheart. My little 2 year old, is utterly obsessed with keys, so I’ll be putting a special, vintage skeleton key I’ve had for years inside of his.  And I’m positive he will try it on every door in the house.


If you don’t have the means to print out the graphics, trace a heart cookie cutter onto the paper for your shape, use stamps and an ink pad to decorate them, or have your child paint or draw on the paper before cutting out the hearts. Suddenly, you’ve got a fun craft for the kids to make and give!


Remember, these little paper hearts don’t have to be filled with diamonds and gold to make someone feel special, but after receiving this thoughtful little gift, they may just think your heart is!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


ABOUT AMBER: Living in Ontario, Canada, this wife and mother decided, yes, like many others, to start a blog after much ‘encouragement’ from friends. Initially, as a way to share creative ideas, hoping for honest feedback, and maybe, just maybe, inspire others.Started in March 2011, SaltTree has since grown quite an archive, an impressive following across several platforms and has been featured on dozens of websites & blogs.More than a year after its humble beginning, Amber is still stealing away little moments to create, cook and dream, camera in hand, all while chasing a toddler.You can follow Amber on her blog, SaltTree (no longer online).

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