The Sensible Sisterhood Summer Camp by Sisterhood Of The Sensible Mom

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The Sensible Sisterhood Summer Camp

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The Sensible Sisterhood Summer Camp by Sisterhood Of The Sensible Mom

Wake up, Parents! Summer is right around the corner! If you want your little darlings to get spots in those dream camps that will secure their places on the World Badminton team, guarantee them first chairs in the kazoo orchestra, teach them to knit earmuffs for underprivileged yetis, or just get them out of your hair for a week, then you need to be on this. Like yesterday! But we have the solution for you! Send your sweet babes to The Sisterhood Summer Camp where for 50 bucks and some snacks we’ll teach your children the fine art of making our homes, we mean our world a better place . . .

sisterhood-ellen-erin-cropABOUT ELLEN AND ERIN: They the two friends and writers who share the blog, The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms. Their great friends inspired them to create this place of support, sensibility, and fun for moms online. They each have their own sensible husbands who along with Ellen’s two kids and Erin’s five kids, provide plenty of rollicking blog fodder. They also share recipes, book reviews, and a healthy dose of humor and wit on their cozy corner of the internet. They enjoy shuttling their kids to sports, tinkering with their Nikons,and mining their daily lives for the funny.  Follow Ellen and Erin on Facebook | Twitter | Google +


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