Raspberry Sunrise Smoothies by Damn Delicious





Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie by Damn Delicious

Raspberry Sunrise Smoothies

With back to school just around the corner, I am starting to think of healthy ways for myself and my family to start off the day. Raspberry Sunrise Smoothies by Damn Delicious would have children loving the gorgeous colors in this breakfast beverage. I know my daughter would be excited having this presented to her in the morning!! ~Tara

Now the raspberry portion doesn’t have a sweetener, but once you swirl in that sweet mango goodness, the balance of sweetness is absolute perfection. It’s not overly sweet but just enough to get your morning going. And if you’re not into smoothies for breakfast, these go perfectly as a post-workout drink or midnight snack. Midnight smoothies sound a bit unconventional but at least you’re cutting down on those midnight brownies and cookies. Or is that just me?



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