Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad by Foodness Gracious

Tara Noland


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Quinoa and Feta Summer Salad by Foodness Gracious



This salad would be perfect to take on a Picnic or for a backyard BBQ. Summer salads are my favorite as they are easy and light. Of course the ever popular Quinoa is front and center here too!!! ~Tara


Summer time is officially here and for me that means one thing. Salads! Maybe some ice cream but mostly beautiful, tasty and fresh salads. This sassy quinoa and feta number is one you must try when the hot weather hits your hood. It’s packed with healthy and delicious ingredients like garbanzo beans, smoky roasted peppers and the star of the show, quinoa. The super-grain is gluten and cholesterol free, low in fat and it still tastes great! The roasted peppers go fantastic with the creamy garbanzo’s and salty feta. It’s like a huge salad party on your tongue. You have to make this salad this summer, make it on a Monday and use it for lunch all week, you’ll love it!





GerryABOUT GERRY: “I started my blog when I became a stay-at-home dad to my two amazing kids. They can be my biggest critics, but usually they love what they get to eat in the kitchen (if they don’t, then tough luck – I’m the boss). My background mostly involves desserts and pastry, but alas, we can’t just eat that every day so I do cook “regular” food also. To me, food shouldn’t be like rocket science – it should be simple, fresh and easy to prepare. I love spicy dishes and would secretly like to challenge Adam Richman of Man vs Food to a hot throw down. Bring it Adam!

I grew up in Scotland and have been living in the United States for 12 years. I do still yearn for some foods from back home – haggis being one – but with so many different cultures and foods here in the Los Angeles area, I feel a wee bit spoiled for choice.

My biggest piece of advice is this: just don’t sweat it in the kitchen, and I don’t mean the heat. I mean stay organized, grab a good recipe book and enjoy the smells and tastes of the food YOU are preparing. You’ll love the satisfaction of eating something that was made by your own hands.”

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