Play Kit for Quiet Time: Dominoes & Hammering by Lessons Learnt Journal

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Play Kit for Quiet Time by Lessons Learnt Journal

You may have your younger kids napping or you just need some time to rest your ears, but we all know that time in the day when you just crave some  quiet in the home. Enter play kits for quiet time.

Here’s a quick re-cap if you’re new to our play kits for quiet time:

I still remember my despair when N and M stopped having their afternoon naps. Once I got over the shock of it all, I realised it was actually quite a nice opportunity to make time for themworkingplaying and resting with them, while Mr E and Miss K napped.

During this time in the afternoon, we would do some quick literacy or math work (max 15 minutes), followed by an undisclosed amount of time watching TV or playing games on the iPhone or iPad; yep, I said it. This still happens now and then, but since I’ve started putting these play kits for quiet time together, I’m surprised by how quickly an hour of screen free time passes by. Keep reading to get the details for this kit…

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