Connection, Empathy And Respect. Parenting The “Challenging” Child by The Twin Coach

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Connection, Empathy and Respect. Parenting the “Challenging Child”

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Connection, Empathy And Respect. Parenting The "Challenging" Child

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts for me about raising more than one child has been learning how to parent children with two drastically different temperaments. Our daughter is one of those kids who has been described as willful, bossy, rigid, oppositional, and more. For parents with children like this, the sense of overwhelm can be incapacitating and the comments from outsiders that you must not be disciplining your child enough can be disheartening. I felt as though I had tried everything to help her and couldn’t understand why the connection-based parenting I practiced with such success for our son didn’t have the same outcome with our daughter. I realized I had to dig a little deeper.

gina osher_2ABOUT GINA: Gina Osher, the daughter of world-wandering hippies, is a former holistic healer turned parenting coach and mother of boy/girl twins. She is also the author of the blog, The Twin Coach, in which she offers advice, bares her soul, works though her imperfect parenting moments and continues on her journey to be a more joyful parent. Gina is dedicated to helping others find both a deeper understanding of themselves and a stronger connection to the children they love. You can also join her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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