Maui Family Style: Old Lahaina Luau

Val Curtis

Maui Family Style

We are going to a luau this week!


Luau! Fun! See?

The kids looked up at me with long faces. Did they hear me? Ok, maybe I had to try this again.

So, we are on Maui and I am SO excited that we will be going to a luau at the Old Lahaina Luau! Great food! Dancers! Fun! FUN! FUN!

They still weren’t convinced.

We took off for a shave ice and bought Lil’ Miss a new Hawaiian dress and a plumeria necklace to wear. BAM! She was in.

The Lil Man’? I just had to mention FUN one more time and he was on board and thank goodness because the exceptionally kind staff at the Old Lahaina Luau offered us tickets to a show so I could share our experience with you. Who was excited? I was!!


Here is what my crew had to say about the evening on the ride home (while eating the banana bread we were gifted on the way out of the luau):

Lil Man (Age 7): I thought it was really good because I liked when we got to play the games, and I liked the show ALOT. The food was REALLY good and I liked that they had gluten free for you, mom. **Ok, swooning over here. Onward!** The gluten free dessert* was REALLY tasty. I also like the chicken. My favorite part of the show was in the beginning with all of the dancers and at the end.

*The gluten free dessert he is referring to is Haupia – a coconut jello – and  he is right, it is SO TASTY!


Lil Miss (Age 4): (Through tears because she had a BIG day and it was late) The dancer remembered me. She said, “Bye, Kate,” because she knows me. Like a friend. The dancers wore lots of outfits. I liked it because I like all the dancers and they had a nice dance. Also, I liked when the server gave us our drinks and the boys had flags on and did a dance*. The pig was in the little strips and it tasted good. The girl told a good story, too. Can I have my bread?

*The male dancers wore “flags” and it was very windy. We will leave it at that. *wink wink*

Good Apple (my husband): I liked the finale when they all came out and shook their booties individually. I thought it was so cool how the dancers howled for each other and cheered one another on.

Everyone shaking all the things.

Everyone shaking all the things.


As we were leaving, one of the dancers saw us through the HUGE crowd and said, “Goodbye, Kate!” It was all we heard about for the rest of the night. My daughter was so thrilled that the woman who had played ‘ulu maika* with her AND danced on the stage for the ENTIRE show, remembered her name. I could have hugged her.

* ‘Ulu maika is a game where you roll a stone through two sticks –ahem, I won. Just saying.


The guys and the Imu. This is where they BBQ the pig beachside. They bury it in sand, cover it with banana leaves, then burlap sacks and finally with sand and they smoke that baby. It was so delicious and you HAVE to be there for the uncovering of the pig. The guys have a great sense of humor and exceptional showmanship…and, well, look!



Our server, Kaipo, was AMAZING. He was the epitome of good service. While we sat on the floor on cushy pillows, he brought us beverages (get a piña colada), made sure we had everything we needed, and he was kind and funny. He memorized the names of everyone at the four tables he was working, and he was completely charming. Do I sound like I am swooning? Ok, maybe a little.


The Old Lahaina Luau is a must-do activity while visiting Maui. The activities they have set up beforehand — from learning to crack open a coconut to learning traditional Hawaiian dances — show that the team behind Old Lahaina Luau thought of an endless array of details to keep everyone entertained. The music was beautiful, the food was delicious, and the show was memorable. Overall, you are there for a true Hawaiian experience. Our kids are still talking about the games, the dancers, and the Imu.



A fun part of the meal was that we tried things that were truly Hawaiian and new to us. We were surprised to find some new favorites like the Haupia that we will definitely seek out on future trips to Hawaii.

There was a choice between Traditional seating (on the floor) or Table and Chairs, and we thoroughly enjoyed the front row view that the Traditional seating provided us.

From the moment we walked in the door and had beautiful leis placed over our heads and a drink slipped into our hands, we felt like royalty. This is an opportunity you must add to your itinerary when you visit Maui. Make reservations in advance!

A HUGE thank you to the entire team at Old Lahaina Luau. We had an evening of memories that will last a lifetime.


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Maui Family Style: Old Lahaina Luau

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