Why It’s OK to Sit This One Out, Mama!

Lindsay Wright

I’m busy.

You’re busy.

We’re all so busy.

And are we any better for it???

The things.

The schedule.

Do they make us better??

Do the tasks ENRICH our lives??

Sometimes, yes.

But not always (and more and more I’m finding usually not).

I was talking recently with a friend about her family’s Summer schedule. Karate, gymnastics, swim lessons, a reading program, two Bible studies and THREE-week long enrichment camps.  All in a two-month span!

I got overwhelmed just listening to the tasks.  Then I started comparing (and we all know no good can come of that).

I didn’t have any real Summer plans for our family. Hitting the pool when we can, relaxed schoolwork, a few day trips if we get around to them. Nothing set in stone. I drove home and questioned everything – did I have my kids in enough “stuff”?  Will they end up being “those unsocialized homeschoolers”?  Are we wasting our days?? 

Could we, should we, be doing MORE??

And as quickly as those thoughts flashed up, I beat them down with my “NO Stick.”

I’ve intentionally scheduled free time into our days.

I’ve intentionally kept my kids out of ballet and dance and gymnastics and karate and whatever else because Travis and I want to wait until they’re old enough to really GRASP the concepts being taught. And quite frankly, we want our money’s worth.

I’ve intentionally said NO to anything that might call us out of the house when Travis gets home from work. That time is precious.

I’ve done the running around (and I’m sure I’ll have more). I’ve gone through so many seasons of overscheduling and so many seasons of stepping back. I grew tired and so did my kids.

I see you, Mama. Tired and worn. Bouncing from place to place but never truly BEING. I see your minivan with the McDonald’s bags strewn about and the backup cases of water bottles. I see your heart for your kids too. You want so badly for them to be accepted, challenged, fulfilled. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad stuff!! There is some GREAT in the running around.

I would just encourage you to be selective with your time, your family’s time. To pray about whether to sign up for that next thing. To seek your husband’s counsel before you make that move.

It’s OK to sit some of this stuff out. There will always be things to say yes to – sometimes “NO” is your best answer.

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Why it's Ok to Sit This One Out, Mama

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Lindsay is a 30-something living in the mountains of NC. Mom of three and wife to one. A personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, lover of undercooked brownies and daughter of God. Follow her life at Lindsay's List.