Mom Cave July 23 2012

BonBon Break


Today I’m sharing an arsenal of gift ideas that all use puns or play-on-words. This list can be modified to give to teachers, co-workers, volunteers, neighbors, church workers, friends, or just about anyone. All you do is make up a little tag or note with the phrase written on it, then attach it to the gift item in parenthesis. This list has ideas for any price range. You can go fancy or simple. You can make elaborate packaging or a plain note. It’s all up to you! Hope this gives you some good ideas!

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About Jennifer: I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves to create. It keeps me sane. But we’re just a young family starting out, so I do everything on a budget. The Craft Patch is where I share… well, anything I think is worth sharing! Check back often for inexpensive sewing projects, crafts, home decor, recipes, money-saving tips, holiday ideas, and my latest addition: Pinterest Tested, where I try popular Pins and see if they live up to their claims. Jennifer can be found on Facebook and Pinterest.

NUMBERS ::: Figure Mommy

Since I began weight training there has been one thing that makes me insanely happy and high on life. I like to call it “getting a new heavy.” Whether it was when I worked up to 40 lb dumbbells for overhead db shoulder presses or when I got all amped and crazy and managed a 65 lb dumbbell for single arm bent over db rows or my new squat PR of 195 lbs for 5 reps set just 3 days ago – these are the moments that make me fly. Getting stronger and racking up the numbers to prove it is my biggest love in lifting. It doesn’t matter how much stress I am under or even if I have a throbbing headache – getting in there and going for it always makes me better.

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About Jenny: Jenny L. is the mom of a five-year-old boy and a full-time MBA student. She is an avid weightlifter and writes a blog about nutrition and her forays into bodybuilding and powerlifting. She, her son, and her fiance enjoy family outings to their local Gold’s Gym.




BETTER BOOKS FOR THE BOTTOM OF YOUR BEACH BAG ::: Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

Photo by Chelsea McNamara

Blogging has leveled a serious hit on our reading time. While time on the laptops makes our bloggy world go round, we could use some time away to unwind and catch up on some good reads. With this in mind, there’s only one thing our husbands should do for us this summer: lifeguard the kids on the beach so we can get some ever-loving reading done. With this miracle day in mind, here are some books that hit that perfect note. These books are like the perfect beach snack—not complete crap, but nothing too fancy either. Bon appetit!

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About the Sisters: Somewhere Between Hot Mess and Guru Lies The Sisterhood

Here’s the deal. Mothering in isolation is not a good idea. Trust us, we know. You could end up that weird chick on the playground.

We started out in this parenting thing in new towns, with new babies and no mommy friends. Fast forward. Our friends had kids, we made new mommy friends, and we now have seven kids between us from teenager to preschooler (Erin has 5, Ellen has 2) , so we always have lots to talk about.

We are infinitely blessed with great girlfriends full of good ideas. We were struck by how lucky we are to have them and how everyone should be so lucky. Well, now YOU are, because we are starting the Sisterhood online.

God bless the internet, because now we can take this mess global. If we can’t talk you out of your tree, we’ll join you in your tree house.

Hmmm, I think we’re gonna need a bigger tree house.

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