How to Make a Trash Can Planter by Pass the Pistil

Emily Murphy

If you can convert a trash can into a planter, you can convert nearly anything into a garden. Any size or style, sky’s the limit. Thinking outside the box might be your ticket to a verdant lifestyle filled with the things you love, like Trash Can Tomatoes. Why not?

It’s time to rethink gardens and gardening. Grow your favorite flowers and food. If you have sunlight, you have room. We don’t need sweeping landscapes or expensive planters to make it happen.

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Emily is an organic gardener, writer and host who’s blog,, sings her mantra, GROW WHAT YOU LOVE. To her, gardens are habitats, our closest connection to nature and essential components to healthy living and larger landscapes. She enjoys finding ways to cultivate gardens, even in the most unlikely spaces, making the most of what’s at hand to create experiences — growing food, flowers and fun with family and friends. As a botanist and educator she’s always looking to share her background and help others grow what they love.

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