Lemon Cupcakes

Tiffany Skidmore


Spring and Summer are my favorite time to enjoy lemony desserts. These Lemon Cupcakes by Pics and Pastries are an exceptional treat for this time of year!! ~Tara

The perfect summer cupcake! Moist and sweet with a hint of lemon flavor. The lemon zested into the butter frosting provides a delicate flavor that will have you licking the bowl once you have frosted the cupcakes, or maybe during! Lemon cupcakes are a great way to refresh your guests during an evening of summer entertaining. Lemon cupcakes are the freshest mini dessert around. It seems that I am starting to enjoy lemon desserts more than I use to. I have always liked lemon desserts but never would ’ve picked a lemon dessert over a chocolate one. However, that seems to be changing.  I think I really like the freshness that the lemon flavor provides.




ABOUT  TIFFANY: I’m a wife and doggie mommy. I love being in the kitchen fixing dinner and usually something sweet for dessert. I also love photography, especially food photography. I’m an avid reader and largely love cookbooks, primarily for the beautiful images. Coffee and chocolate are my best friends and you will always find a fresh pitcher of sweet tea in our home. 

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Lemon Cupcakes by Pics and Pastries


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