Homemade Oreo Cookies by Erren’s Kitchen



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Homemade Oreo Cookies by Erren's Kitchen

I adore a really good cookie, I like Oreos but heh there is always room for improvement with a homemade one!!! ~Tara

I have to admit that Oreo cookies are a guilty pleasure. When I first moved to the UK, they didn’t sell them here and I used to stock up every time I went home. Once you try this recipe for homemade Oreo cookies, you’ll never want the packaged ones again! They don’t taste like the real thing – with their intense dark chocolate flavor, they are better than the real thing!



ErrenABOUT ERREN: My name is Erren and I am a Mom, Food Blogger, freelance recipe developer and lover of all things food! At Erren’s Kitchen, you will find a collection of easy and delicious recipes that are the same recipes I make in my home for family and friends. I cook from scratch with fresh simple ingredients. Cooking is my passion so I hope you enjoy my recipes and share them with your friends too!

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