‘Leave No Trace’ Can Wait by Expect Adventure

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'Leave No Trace' Can Wait by Expect Adventure

The most recent set of backlashes to helicopter parenting have focused on unstructured outdoor play. Perfect! That’s at the core of my parenting philosophy. Or so I thought. On closer introspection, I realized the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy that guided my forays in the outdoors was giving me license to micromanage my kids where it’s least appropriate, in the great, wild, untamed outdoors. Read on to learn why I’ve traded in my unwavering eco-ethics for sticks, rocks, flowers or other formerly forbidden trail gifts my nature-loving boys find on our favorite trails.

clickToContinueTeresa Expect AdventureABOUT TERESA: Besides sharing her “teachable moments in the outdoors” on ExpectAdventure.net, Teresa is a seasoned outdoor educator, an anthropology professor, and the founder of Mountain Mama, Inc. She and her two boys, ages 6 and 2, spend weekends climbing, hiking, skiing, paddling, and exploring. They’re currently on a 50-day adventure in Mexico. Follow the fun on Instagram as it unfolds at #50DayMexicoAdventure.

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