Learning with Legos


Lego and play dough are two of my son’s favorite ways to play. What could be more fun than combining the two?  I set up a very simple invitation to play with some of our home made play dough, a wooden rolling pin and few colorful Lego bricks. This took all of five minutes to set up and it proved to be a huge hit! This was a completely open-ended play invitation. My son was free to explore and take it in whichever direction he chose. What began as a sensorial activity, quickly evolved into imaginative play and story telling. It even included letter recognition and sight word practice. A perfect opportunity for learning through play!




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Ness lives in Australia with her husband and energetic 4 year old son. She is the creator of One Perfect Day, a site full of creative ideas for kids to play and learn, family recipes and information about positive parenting and connecting with our children. She is a contributing writer for Kids Activities Blog.