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Just a Second!!!

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It wasn’t until later in life, that I joined the “parenting club.”  Most days, I am thrilled to be a member.  I love the sound of “Mama” even in the middle of the night after a bad dream.

My boy’s sense of humor, creative thinking and kind heart are gifts that I would have missed if I hadn’t taken that leap of faith into parenthood!

I miss the sweet and short-lived footy pajama years, but I love the person that my precious son has become.  Having said that, there are “issues” that are extremely annoying! You know the ones that I’m talking about…

beachABOUT KELLY: Kelly is a mother, blogger, writer, and working elementary teacher.  She started her blog My Twice Baked Potato as a way of educating others about twice-exceptional children. Although her son doesn’t share all of her interests (entertaining, Twitter, and reality TV), they share a love of games, animals, and fancy hotels.

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