It’s Never Too Late To Get Involved by Good Day, Regular People

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It’s Never Too Late To Get Involved

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It’s Never Too Late To Get Involved by Good Day, Regular People @Bonbon Break

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Every day on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, in magazines, on television, the radio, there is some guilt-producing mass message about HOW WE ARE FAILING OUR CHILDREN! How the internet and iPhones and our instant access to other adults has taken us away from where our time should be spent – down on the floor in eye-to-eye contact with the pieces of our heart that walk around outside of our bodies – the children we adore.

We can’t win. If we dedicate ourselves too much, we’re told to develop a fulfilling interest and get a life. If we decide to go get that life, we’re told to get back down on that rug and play that ninth round of Candy Land.

Can’t win.


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