Ice Fishing with Kids by Nature for Kids

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Ice Fishing with Kids by Nature for KidsBeyond skiing, sledding and building a snowman winter outdoor activities seem to be slim pickings. That’s why we decided to seek out more! I took my daughter ice fishing for the first time recently. My idea of the day was that it would be cold and somewhat miserable but I was willing to make a go of it. My preconceptions proved to be wrong. It ended up being a lovely day full of education and squeals of delight!

ShawnaABOUT SHAWNA: I grew up on a sheep ranch / farm in central Idaho. The fun and adventure was unlimited there but so was the work. I believe my parent’s decision to raise my siblings and I there was a wise one. It’s played a large part of who I am today. I loved athletics throughout my high school years and once I hit college my passion became the outdoors. I studied Recreation Education at a junior college and went on to get a degree in Recreation Management / Youth Leadership from Brigham Young University. I’ve written for a newspaper and done several freelance jobs for Idaho Magazine concerning outdoor recreation. I’ve also worked for city recreation centers, an outdoor retail/touring store and a high adventure ropes course. I now blog about our family adventures here at where we strive to encourage every parent to help their children find an outdoor hobby. I’m married to a bearded travel enthusiast and have four fabulously unique children. My focus is to teach them life lessons by exploring the outdoors here in our home state of Utah and abroad.

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