I Don’t Trust That Your Gun is Safe by Try It and You May

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 I Don't Trust That Your Gun is Safe by Try It and You May

It can be pretty awkward to tell another parent that you won’t let your kids come over their house to play. I’m hoping to avoid the conversation, but if I have to tell them why, I am sure there will be plenty who get offended. I’ll have to deal with it though, because I’m not willing to risk my kids’ safety. So bring on the awkward.

44061188-IMG_0048-Edit-1ABOUT ELIZABETH: Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan is a writing mom on the run. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and three boys. Elizabeth is a professional writer and works with businesses and non-profits and has published three books. She volunteers with her local PTO, major road races, and advocates for gun safety. Elizabeth is a lifelong runner and amateur triathlete, a mediocre cook and devout coffee lover.

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