How To Recover From A Mommy Meltdown

Melissa Lennig

I lost it today.

Between the stress of moving, living in a temporarily empty house that magnifies the boys’ all-ready-too-loud-bickering voices, and handling the roller coaster of emotions that is going back to work after enjoying almost 3 years as a stay-at-home Mom, I just lost it.

I cried in the kitchen, the family room, and the bathroom. I toured a child care center with puffy, blood-shot eyes and a you will never be good enough for my kid attitude. I picked fights with my husband and yelled at my kids. I was feeling bad, so I behaved as I felt.

Why am I sharing this with you, a stranger who just happened across this blog one day?

Because I’m a normal Mama and I totally had a meltdown.  I believe that every Mama’s have meltdowns now and again.

Meltdowns happen to everyone and for me, they are usually due to a build-up of stress, exhaustion, and emotion.  I knew I was overwhelmed and I knew I needed to find a way to not only recover from my meltdown, but also find ways to help prevent them in the future.

So, I’ve discovered 10 tips to handle Mommy Meltdowns.





Melissa Lennig is the voice behind Fireflies and Mud Pies, a blog packed with simple activities and crafts to encourage families to play, create, and celebrate childhood.