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I have some quick questions.


This has happened to me numerous times, I get 3/4 of the way through a recipe and go OH NO, I never saw that before. Meg will help you to make sure that doesn’t happen, enjoy this read!! ~Tara


It seems all so simple. Read a recipe and execute. But not so fast. There is more detail between the foodie lines. The Cooking Class Files today are all about tips and tricks to reading a recipe correctly to ensure success and a less frustrating cooking and baking experience (and also help so you aren’t halfway through a recipe and realize you already threw in that 1 cup sugar…!)




Megan LinkABOUT MEG: I am the artist of my kitchen with a serious passion for creating healthier meals without compromising flavor. Ice cream has its own food group in my world. Tapas are my favorite creations and I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. By day, I go about the corporate world as a project manager for a digital advertising firm. By night, I am found in my kitchen, elbow deep in dishes, chopping away at veggies and adding the finishing touches onto our dinner masterpiece. I am a culinary trained chef that has found my calling through mishaps with my health. I took it upon myself to inform and take a hold of my health. With a concentration on healthy food and taste buds that crave nutrient dense foods, I promise you I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas. I will be sure to throw in some indulgent recipes to ensure that sugary and sinful treats do still exist! I believe I can fully enjoy all foods in moderation. The Housewife in Training Files was created to inspire women (and men!) to create delicious, healthy meals yet satisfy the flavors your taste buds are looking for!

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