How to Raise Nature-Loving Kids in a Media-Loving World

Kate Koch-Sundquist

I once wrote about six ways that I convince my kids to go outside on a daily basis. But since I wrote that, I’ve reflected a lot on why these methods are successful and I have to admit that there’s a lot more to it than getting them out the door each day. My kids go outside daily because they want to go outside daily. In fact, they love being outside. It is easily their happy place.

So how did I get so lucky? Is it genetic? The fact is, I have worked with purpose to instill these values in my kids and it is not a coincidence that they have grown into who they are today. But it’s also not that hard. Here are six ways that you can raise kids who love nature too.

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Kate is an adventurer, sailor, blogger, and mom, based in the Boston area. She holds a master's degree in education, captain's licenses in the US, the UK and Australia, and a school of life degree in toddler wrangling. Since starting the 365Outside Challenge ( on January 1, 2015, she and her family have spent time outside every day. Though the weather is sometimes a deterrent, the greatest challenge has been getting her kids in their snowsuits.