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How to Frost a Layer Cake

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how to frost a layer cakeFrosting a layer cake is one of those things you never think you need to know how to do until you happen to need to know how to do it. These moments of realization usually come when you are halfway through, frosting is everywhere, you haven’t changed into your party clothes yet, your cell phone keeps ringing with friends asking, “Where ARE YOU? What is up with the CAKE you were talking about?!” and you are like “whhhhaaaa am I doing?!!” I know this feeling because this has happened to me.

Frosting these types of cakes can be stressful because they are usually made for an important type of event that only celebrating with a multi-layer cake can provide. While yes, it is true that you can achieve the same general function with a butter knife and a plate because in essence “how to frost a layer cake” translates to slathering frosting between layers of baked butter and flour but there are a few tricks that will make your cake look super fancy for super little effort. Let’s get started!

butter me up brooklyn lillie auldABOUT LILLIE: A self-taught baker with a serious sweet tooth, Lillie Auld has been whipping up treats since the age of 10. She writes butter me up, Brooklyn! – a baking blog chronicling the creative and sharable treats that make it out of her tiny kitchen.

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