How To Connect With Your Child in Just 10 Minutes by Creative With Kids

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How to Connect With Your Child in Just 10 Minutes by Creative With Kids

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Special Time is a simple concept with big results.  The good news is this doesn’t even require boat loads of patience.  All “special time” means is putting aside ten minutes a day to connect with each of your children. It doesn’t have to be perfect – I know I rarely manage to do it with each of my three kids every day, but even when I keep it up sporadically they love it.   And if you’ve got one child in particular who is out of sorts, you can strive to do it with them if no one else.

How can just ten minutes together have an impact? The short time period is what makes Special Time so powerful.  We can find ten minutes in our day.  We can focus for ten minutes.  We can listen to conversations about Minecraft or My Little Pony for that short period of time.  For ten minutes we can be patient and truly present, and our kids thrive on our presence.

Ten minutes is enough to get you started, to give you moments of joy with your children that lead you to want to create those moments more often.  When you’ve had a terrible week and you feel angry or resentful, ten minutes is enough to begin bridging the gap that has occurred between you and your child.  When you regularly connect 1:1 with each of your kids you will begin to know what really makes THEM feel loved as an individual – and you can do this just 10 minutes at a time.

Read on for 10-minute activities for connecting with kids of all ages, from toddlers to big kids.


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