How to Check for Pinworms by The Animated Woman

BonBon Break

WARNING: Yeah, well if you don’t already have kids you may never want them after you read this.  A couple of years ago an old friend of mine came to town with his three year old son. He was newly divorced and just wrapping his head around parenting by himself week-on/week-off. They stayed with us cuz we’re fairly close, having grown up together. After dinner, all our kids had their baths and we started to put them to bed. “Daddy! My bum is itchy!”

ABOUT JC: Happily married with three kids. I’m a director. I make TV and short films and stuff. I blog a slice of life; family, social media satire, and causes. Some of it’s funny, some of it’s poignant, and hopefully mostly meaningful*. I feel it when I draw it. If you could see me drawing, you’d be like, wow, she really feels it; look at all the weird faces she’s making.
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