Homemade Stampers by Happy Hooligans

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Homemade Stampers

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Homemade Stampers by Happy Hooligans

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I loved rubber stamps! There was something so satisfying about pressing a stamp into a freshly inked pad, and then banging out an image on a piece of paper. It was like magic! I recently made a set of homemade stampers for my daycare, and they were a huge hit with the hooligans. I used really basic items from around the house, and I did it all without spending a dime. Plug in your glue gun, grab your craft foam, and have a look through the toy room and the craft cupboards. You’ll have a set of your own stampers whipped up in no time.

JackieABOUT JACKIE: I’m a Mom of two boys, and a Home Daycare Provider to an amazing bunch of little people I lovingly refer to as the Hooligans. At my daycare we’re all about simple but creative play, and spending time in the great-outdoors. My passion is dreaming up crafts and activities that will keep the Hooligans learning, laughing and exploring their world through good, old-fashioned play.

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