Homemade Animal Beanbags

Penny Whitehouse

Making homemade toys for your children is not only enjoyable but really rewarding. There’s nothing better than giving your child an adorable animal bean bag toy adorned with cute, colorful buttons that you made yourself. If you don’t sew much, never fear they are easy to make too.

I rarely sew (the thick layer of dust on my sewing machine can attest to that!), but you don’t have to be an accomplished seamstress to make these cute animal toys. All you really need is a sewing machine, a few simple templates that can be found on the link below, and a little enthusiasm!




Animal Bean Bags

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Penny is the creator of Mother Natured, a site designed to help parents build and strengthen their children’s love of nature and wildlife through simple, fun activities. A mother to three girls, she also works part time as a wildlife education officer. Penny holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Wildlife Biology and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Years). In what little spare time she has left, Penny loves to read, go camping and be out in nature with her family.