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Girl Talk

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Earlier in the year a fellow girlfriend and I drifted apart in silence, all because of some tension between our children. Why are our closest female friendships sometimes also the most fragile? Why is it that we can talk to our soulmate sisters about everything except when things get hard? More than once I’ve temporarily lost a best friend not out of fighting or disagreeing but hurts that never even got aired. And did we learn this silent communication dance from our girlhoods? And why is it different with boys/men?

ABOUT CECILIA: Cecilia is a late bloomer in life, from becoming a mother to writing to learning how to swim, all after the age of 35. The common thread to these (relatively) late achievements? Confidence. Sometimes it takes a few years or 10 or 20 to really develop it.

She’s the proud mother of an early blooming 8 year old (who already has twice the confidence she will in 10 years), and she runs a business with her husband, with whom she has been 24/7 for 11 years minus one day, that one day being the day he was out of town and she broke her leg. She writes about motherhood, marriage and self at Only You.

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