Week of December 10, 2012

BonBon Break


Today I made caramels and baked bread.  Yesterday, I killed (well my husband did the axing, I did the de-feathering) our two turkeys and baked Challah bread with our own eggs.  This week, I plan to finish my son’s huge knitted owl, make paper for a journal for my husband, and complete the embroidery piece for my daughter in honor of our homemade Christmas.  But this is the most important part: I WOULD NOT and COULD NOT do it without all you AMAZING WOMEN bloggers!  You INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, and provide the RESOURCES I need to carry on my daily life, as a parent, friend, gardener, crafter, and entrepreneur.  Keep writing, keep creating, and keep blogging.  You make a difference.  People like me are coming back for more EVERYDAY.

What do these amazing bloggers bring to your daily life?  What do you get out of your daily bonbon break?  Leave a comment below.  We would LOVE to know as would your fellow bloggers, I’m sure.

Val’s Pick

My son went through two copies of Matthew VanFleet’s book “Dog” and ever since we set our eyes on that book, I have had to buy all things Matthew VanFleet. We now have Dog, Cat, Heads, Tails and it is time for us to add Moo to our collection! This is just perfect since my littlest has serious farm animal love. The pictures are wonderful, the books are incredibly sturdy and the movement within the book is always entertaining.

Ok, I also have to share with you this purchase that I made TODAY. We always have Laurie Berkner playing in our house. ALWAYS. Today I found out that she has a Christmas Album and it is truly wonderful. It is VERY adult-friendly and, as always, has that wonderful Laurie Berkner spin. She has the traditional songs that you love and we played it three times in a row right off the bat.



Kathy’s Pick

This week, our eldest child, Tom, turns 14! Yikes! Where does the time go? Being a teenager, he loves his cell phone and his iPod touch but what he really wants is an iPad. Although I love the iPad, I didn’t feel he was ready for one and I knew neither was our budget. I started to look into some of the other tablets and I came to love the Kindle Fire HD. The price was more appropriate for what we wanted to spend and it has the features he wanted, the ability to listen to music and watch movies on a bigger screen than his iPod. Plus, since it’s a Kindle, it has the screen that most of my friends prefer for reading.  In fact, I may consider getting one for myself soon!


Sharalyn’s Pick

I want those Swarovski Earrings from “In the Powder Room.”  Need I say more?  Just look at the pictures!