The Hanukkah Fairy by The Mixed Up Brains of Lisa Weinstein

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The Hanukkah Fairy

~:: The Mixed Up Brains of Lisa Weinstein ::~

the hanukkah fairy

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I thought that my five-year old daughter Melissa would be excited at the prospect of welcoming in the holiday season. However, as the days inched closer to December, her reaction seemed anything but joyful. As one of the few Jewish children in kindergarten, she became painfully aware that Santa would not be visiting her home on Christmas Eve. Unable to bear witness to her tears, I had to whip out all of my “mommy ammunition” and do something drastic to ease her pain. So, I told a teensy, weensy, little lie, all with the good intentions of making my daughter feel special. Now, I give you the story of…..The Hanukkah Fairy!

ABOUT LISA: Of all of Lisa’s passions, being a mother takes top billing, even if her teenage daughter thinks she is a moron!  Her blog, The Mixed Up Brains of Lisa Weinstein, is about parenting her teen Melissa and her step-daughter Jessica, coping with the “joys” of middle age, and celebrating nearly two decades of marriage to Bob, the ever so patient love of her life.  Lisa works as a communications manager for BAYADA Home Health Care, a national home health care agency.  She counts the Beatles as the most listened to band on her iPod.  She has read all of the Harry Potter books countless times, and faithfully watches The Daily Show every night!  Follow Lisa on Facebook or Twitter.