First Born to Fourth Born – How Times Have Changed

Kristin McCarthy

Remember back when you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of your first born child? Can you recall being a sponge for parental knowledge? I bet that like me you ordered every parenting book and magazine that you could find on You probably spent countless hours in front of a computer screen scouring the internet for valuable website information on how to be the perfect mother and what you would need for baby. How many baby supply stores did you visit in those pre-baby months buying any and everything that baby might need? If you were like me you spent half of your life at Babies-R-Us.


Now fast forward to baby number two, three or FOUR! How different the preparation for that sibling was compared to the first born glory baby huh? Gone were the $50 handmade outfits and $200 video baby monitor…as well as  your sanity and waistline most likely! That’s okay though because after a few kids everything changes.


Stay-at-home mom of four little girls humorously reflects on how much her parenting style has changed going from her first baby to her FOURTH baby in just a few years. From diaper bags to veggies EVERYTHING has changed for this mom.

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Remember when you were anxiously awaiting the arrival of your first born child? Now fast forward to baby number two, three…or FOUR! It's a different game.

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