4 Ways to Find ‘Spring Meaning’ with Your Family

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4 Ways to Find ‘Spring Meaning’ with Your Family by Sarah Rudell Beach

Amidst all the talk of spring cleaning, I want to talk about spring meaning.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. The snow melts, the birds return, and the sun shines longer each day. We celebrate light and growth and new beginnings. The very word “spring” suggests light and movement – we speak of “springing to life” or walking with “a spring in our step.”

Spring is fresh air and warm sunshine and bright gardens. In many ways, it feels more like a new year than New Year’s; it’s a time to emerge from hibernation, to come into being and reengage with the world. We reconnect with neighbors as we once again spend our days outdoors.

For our children, springtime celebrations may mean baskets and bunnies and candies and eggs. The season may be infused with religious meaning – of resurrection and redemption, of liberation and freedom. It may be a time of special meals with family or visiting the zoo to see the new baby animals.

Whether we honor Easter, Passover, or the vernal equinox, or none of all of the above, we can make this season a meaningful time with our children, bringing alive our sense of wisdom and wonder.

Wisdom: Know the origins of our rituals.

Depending on their ages, we can teach our children the meaning of all the chicks and eggs and flowers and bunnies they’re coloring and decorating this time of year. The word “Easter” comes from Germanic celebrations of the goddess Eostre, whose festival was celebrated at the time of the spring equinox {and hence at the same time Christians commemorated Christ’s resurrection and Jews celebrated Passover}. Eostre was a goddess of fertility and the sunrise, which explains why many of our Easter symbols and traditions are representations of growth and life and light.

Wisdom: Put meaning in cleaning.

Spring cleaning and organizing doesn’t have to be a drag. My kids are still at the age where they love to help me clean. As we cleaned during spring break, we talked about the importance of caring for our home. We called it a fresh start, and sorted through our clothes and toys to find items to donate to others. My children especially loved finding toys that had been “lost” and can now be given new life. It was also a time of expressing gratitude for all that we have.

Wonder: Take a noticing walk.

Now that the weather’s nicer, my children and I go on “noticing walks.” I bring along the camera, and we take pictures of the beautiful or interesting or awe-inspiring things we see along the way. It amazes me the things my children find worthy of photographs – piles of leaves in the mud, or Christmas lights still hanging on trees. This is a great mindfulness practice with your children as you take notice of, and appreciate, the natural world around you.

Wonder: Celebrate Earth Day.

It’s no wonder we honor Earth Day during this season of rebirth and renewal. There’s probably a park in your area that’s hosting an Earth Day event. You can talk to your kids about recycling and caring for the environment, and brainstorm changes you can make in your household. Teach them the importance of taking care of not only our homes, but our planet as well.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for our cabinets – it’s for our minds and our souls, too. I hope your spring is filled with meaning and wisdom and wonder.

How do you celebrate Spring in your family?

sarahABOUT SARAH: Sarah Rudell Beach is a teacher, wife, and mother to two little ones. She is the creator ofLeft Brain Buddha, where she explores ideas and practices for mindfulness, and shares the challenges and riches in her journey to live and parent mindfully in a left-brain, analytical life. Her writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, The Power of Moms, Mamapedia, and BlogHer. In her free time, she enjoys reading, yoga, and hanging out with her little Buddhas.

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This post was written by Sarah Rudell Beach of Left Brain Buddha exclusively for BonBon Break.