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Val Curtis
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I love to cook. I love feeding friends and family. I love growing food in my garden. I HATE shopping. I know it sounds crazy, but I have really come to dislike going to the grocery store, especially with my kids. When I am pushing the cart around, my nerves get frayed when they start hanging on the basket or me. As they become impatient while I slalom up and down the aisles checking items off of my meticulously organized list and batting off their requests for that “food item” with Elsa on the front, I start to meltdown.

You can only imagine my EXTREME pleasure when Terra’s Kitchen asked me if I would like to receive some easy, healthy and delicious meals in the mail. What? WHAT?! Yes please, sign me up. I popped onto their site and picked out 2 dinners, some ground turkey, 3 salads and some snacks. The total? $100 including shipping.

In the meantime, I started perusing their site a little more…

The way it works is that they send you a climate-controlled vessel full of healthy meals that you can prepare in 30 minutes or less. All of the ingredients are pre-portioned and pre-chopped. A true recipe for real life.

Their philosophy is three tiered:

  1. EAT REAL FOOD: Our highest quality food sources are derived naturally and directly from la terra (the Earth). The TK Way is a mindful approach to healthy eating. That’s why our recipes are plant-strong, nutrient dense, and we never use artificial or processed ingredients.
  2. CARE FOR THE EARTH: We care about where we get our food, and we care about how it affects the Earth. That’s why we take every extra step to find sustainable food sources and reduce our impact on the environment.
  3. USE SMART TECHNOLOGY: We believe in the power of educating to create lasting change and we are committed to promoting the health of our members through practical tools and valuable resources.

Pretty cool, right?

A few days later, this little beauty showed up on my doorstep. (Important side note: Our delivery person RAVED about the box design – she LOVED the handles – and the fact that we can ship them back meaning less waste. She delivers quite a few from different companies and knew there was a lot of waste involved with the others.)

Terra's Kitchen Easy Healthy Delicious Meals I had to jump on Facebook and do a spontaneous “unboxing” I was SO excited!

Now that it was open, I was excited AND our followers were REALLY interested. They were already asking how they could get it and I hadn’t even written the post!

Check out the “vessel”. You just pop the door off, slide the drawers out and you can grab your pre-cut and measured food! TK even says you can place the packaging back in the vessel before you send it back. Oh, and sending it back means you click “ready” on the email they send you, peel off the label and place it on your porch. That. Is. It.


Let’s talk about the food, shall we? After I unpacked everything and we were putting it in our fridge, we had to hurry off to soccer camp. As my son was rushing out, I saw this:

Mmmm hmmm. Carrot sticks, celery sticks, hummus, and crackers were thrown right into his backpack. He ate it all up and I will not complain. I love that he wanted this as his snack. Next up, the salads. I ordered three and I wasn’t sure if I was going to serve them with the dinners or have them for lunch. Well, that was quickly solved when I didn’t have anything for lunch one day and I grabbed this salad. It was PERFECT. I could, literally, eat this salad daily. SO good. Finding gluten free lunch items can be challenging for me and these salads were the easy answer. terras-kitchen-chopped-power-green-salad



Each of these salads is tasty, but I would only recommend the Veggie Caesar as a side. The other two can easily be lunch or dinner in their own right, if you don’t want to share, which I didn’t.

Next up, the dinners…

I was having a Girls Night Out and I needed to whip some dinner together fast. I thought preparing both of these would keep EVERYONE happy and with full bellies and it would be quick. I was right, it took 35 minutes to make BOTH.terras-kitchen-carmelized-pineapple-chicken

The recipe pages are complete with instructions, ingredient lists, tools needed AND… wine and beer pairings. I love you Terra’s Kitchen.


It is clear that they go to great lengths to provide incredible, quality meals. “We have the highest standards for food safety and processing and we are committed to buying from local producers who practice environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture and promote animal welfare on farms and ranches.” I couldn’t love this more.


What did my crew have to say? Well, the kids fought over the salmon and I was able to save a bit for my hubs. They both ate a little of the of the Chicken Pineapple Rice Bowl (about a half cup each), but they were definitely on the salmon and not giving it up. My husband chowed and loved it all after a hard day’s work; however, he REALLY loved the rice bowl with it’s sweet and hot combo.
terras-kitchen-taste-testersThis made my mama heart happy. The bonus? There was some of the rice bowl left over and I had it for lunch the next day.

The next night at dinner I asked my crew if they liked it and it was an overwhelming “yes”. We will continue to make orders because this will be the PERFECT way to have healthy, filling and QUICK meals on soccer practice nights when we roll in at 6:30. I have already placed an order for two awesome gluten free meals (they have tons of veggie options, too!) and another power salad. Thank you, Terra’s Kitchen and now – a little something for YOU!


Would this work for your family? Let us know if you give them a try!


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You can only imagine my EXTREME pleasure when Terra's Kitchen asked me if I would like to receive some easy, healthy and delicious meals in the mail.

This post was sponsored by Terra’s Kitchen; however, as always, all opinions are exclusively my own.

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