Easy Backyard Game: What’s Under the Rock by Wild Tales Of

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Easy Backyard Game: What's Under the Rock by Wild Tales Of

Our usual tendency when it’s time to get outdoors is to walk or bike and explore the green spaces and parks of our neighborhood and beyond. It gets us out of the house, providing a change of scenery and of course the possibility of seeing more features and having a grander adventure. I’ve realized though that there is a little world literally in our own backyard that is also worth exploring and getting to know! Thankfully, my 2.5 year old’s curiosity came to rescue the other day, and led us to a fun activity or game of sorts: What’s Under the Rock?

Wild Tales of - HeadshotABOUT KATE: Kate is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom living in Seattle, Washington. As a mother and wife to a toddler and husband who love adventure and are always on the move, she’s either on a trip or planning one up! She keeps track of all this activity on their blog: Wild Tales of…. You’ll find Kate and the boys exploring the Pacific Northwest and beyond sharing tips, tricks, favorite destinations, and inspiration along the way.

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