Creating Your 2014 Bucket List by Beth Panageotou of Bonbon Break

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Creating Your 2014 Bucket List by Beth Panageotou of Bonbon Break

I was driving home the other day, the craziness of the holidays literally behind me, scenery flying past the window, Mumford and Sons Below My Feet blaring through the speakers.  I was having a moment…a feeling of reverse deja-vu, of being in my own music video (do they still make those?).  As I “sang” as loud as I could, I realized 2013 was over.  The thought continued as I listened to the words of the song, “let me learn from where I have been. Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn.”  I will do this–this year.  I swear it!  I will learn from last year.  And I am starting by making 2014 the Year of Me…I say that somewhat tongue in cheek as I have two daughters (8 & 4).  But I am determined to get some “me time” back.


The Year of Me is going beyond the proverbial New Year’s Resolution.  Yes, I want to start exercising again…it’s actually a MUST.  2013 brought exercise for my fingers via computer and smart phone, but little else.   Yes, I want to eat a diet filled with green things.  Yes, I want to put my laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer (wouldn’t this be the biggest success of all!) but I want more!  I want to stretch my brain as well as my muscles.


I have created a Bucket List: The Official 2014 Year of Me Bucket List.  I will do the things on this list before December 31, 2014.  I will hopefully do more—surpassing my list by leaps and bounds!


I would like to share this list with you. Use it, amend it, copy and share it…let’s collectively agree to stretch our brains, expand our horizons and make 2014 the Year of Us!


  1. Read a book from a new and completely different genre. My friend asked if I ever read musicians’ biographies.  I can’t say that I have…I will now!
  2. Listen, really listen (not just as background music) to a complete symphony.  Classical music is brilliant and tells an amazing story.
  3. Write a book with my kids – and have them color it, add their own text and read it over and over and over!
  4. Learn to cook something totally new and unfamiliar and host a dinner party. Share the story behind the food, the country of origin and toast to new tastes!
  5. Visit an art museum and listen to the audio tour.
  6. Join a book club (twitter is GREAT for this!)
  7. Read at least one of the classics – from start to finish. 1st up…A Tale of Two Cities.
  8. Learn to meditate and do it! This WILL HAPPEN.  I WILL start practicing yoga again…and not just the physical, but also the mental.
  9. Make seasonal playlists…my favorite! I LOVE music.  I love combining different artists into my own personal representation of the seasons and I’ve gotten away from it…going back!
  10. Color, draw, and paint!  Buy a fresh box of Crayolas…open them up, take a whiff and go!  It’s amazing therapy!

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What’s on your list? Write it right now, print it out, hang it up or use it at a bookmark!  Make 2014 the Year of You!

BethTopHdABOUT BETH:Beth Panageotou is the brains and muscle behind the Mission Read campaign, an organic grassroots literacy campaign stressing the “need to read!” She is also co-founder of Page’s Corner, and the Editor of the Library, here at Bonbon Break. She is an information junkie with an obsession with seashells from the Jersey shore, secretly wishes to be JB Fletcher and loves the constant chaos of life with her two daughters. Bucket list item: to be on Sesame Street.

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 This post was written by Beth Panageotou exclusively for Bonbon Break Media, LLC.

Graphics by: Michelle Lewsen

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