Creamy Pea Salad

Jamie Sherman


This is a salad that you will love making all summer long. It is great to take anywhere (GET OUTDOORS!!) or to have with your family at home!!~Tara

This Creamy Pea Salad is a nice change from the typical potato or pasta salads found at barbecues and potlucks. It requires very little cooking with just a little bit of chopping and mixing – it could easily be a no cook recipe if you buy precooked bacon! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

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Easy Creamy Pea Salad


Jamie Sherman founded Love Bakes Good Cakes in February 2012. She spends her days with her husband, Brian and homeschooling their 5 children in the Phoenix area. She also develops and tests recipes using her own family recipes that have been handed down to her, as well as those she adapts from various resources. Her love of cooking started very young from watching her mother and grandmother in the kitchen - it's a love she hopes to instill in her own children and gladly shares with her readers! Jamie believes meals and recipes should be easy enough for the average cook and she seeks to use ingredients that are available in most local markets. She strives to share recipes that are family-friendly, budget-friendly and cook-friendly!