Conquering Fear of the Easter Bunny by Musing Momma

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Conquering Fear of the Easter Bunny

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Conquering fear of the easter bunny

Like many preschoolers, my 3-year-old has a longstanding fear of people in furry costumes – mascots and the like. Although we made a little headway last fall with his fear of our high school mascot, he’s still got some serious masklophobia. (Yep, there is an actual scientific term for this fear. Trust me – I googled it!) With Easter approaching this puts my kids at opposite ends of the spectrum. My 6-year-old welcomes the Easter Bunny with open arms. Hellooooo! He brings chocolate and toys, right?!  My little guy, on the other hand, informed us months ago that he has no desire for an oversized furball to set foot in our house, no matter what he brings or when he brings it. Poor baby.

Last Sunday, however, was a momentous day. Bee came with me on a trip to the mall and I realized as we walked in that the Easter Bunny was there, straight ahead. That was the day we tackled his fear of the Bunny, together.

Ellie - Musing MommaABOUT ELLIE: Ellie is a psychologist-turned-momma who blogs atMusing Momma, where she reflects on motherhood and shares her thoughts on parenting, raising children in a multiracial family, and creating community. She believes in living with compassion and kindness, the power of appreciation and optimism, laughing a lot, and trying her best not to judge others. She lives in the Northeast with her exceptionally patient husband and their two adorable but very mischievous boys (ages 3 & 6).

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