Cardboard Heart Locket by Cardboard Collective

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Cardboard Heart Locket

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Cardboard Heart Locket by Cardboard Collective

This sustainable Valentine’s Day craft, is one that I made for my daughter to replace a broken play necklace that she was given a few years ago. It’s just plain adorable to see her wearing it while she rides her tricycle around the house. She loves opening the locket to see our pictures. We’ve since teemed up to make cardboard lockets for her grandparents, which can double as sweet Christmas ornaments for next year’s tree. All you need is the free printable template, cardboard (decorated to your liking), recycled paper cord, scissors, glue and photos.

Amber Dohrenwend Bio PhotoABOUT AMBER: Amber Dohrenwend is an American living in Tokyo, Japan. She started blogging about her adventure in making toys and furniture out of 100% recycled cardboard after she and her husband  made a cardboard set of table and chairs for their 1 year old daughter. Living in a dense urban environment without a car, while raising 2 children, she wanted to share ideas for using cardboard, an incredibly versatile material, to make life easier, more creative, more meaningful and more sustainable. Her projects are all almost entirely recyclable (and hopefully entirely beautiful!). You can read more about her love of play, creative living, and her passion for the environment at


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