Backpacks for Everyone

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Backpacks for Everyone

My family got a heart breaking blow this week: Our sweet puggle Louie got suddenly sick and we had to say good bye to him. I’m reeling and crying and whirl-winding and not really seeing a way out.

Except this: I’m a firm believer that the best way to find lift, is to be a lift. So this is my chance to do — and be — exactly that. And it’s yours, too.

Join me in this attempt to make back to school shopping exciting and not overwhelming, happy and not depressing, do-able and not impossible.

According to the Kids Count Data Center, in 2012, 23% of children in our nation were living in poverty — that’s more than 16 million kids. For their mamas, looking at an ever-growing school supply list doesn’t feel like one thing more to-do, it feels like a heart-panging how can I do this?

I think we can help. Backpacks for everyone is how.



Galit Breen headshotABOUT GALIT: On any given day Galit Breen can be found juggling three kids, one husband, one puggle, and her laptop. Galit has had essays published in several anthologies, is the editor of Pens and Paint, a series anthology of children’s poetry and artwork, and co-directs Listen to Your Mother, Twin Cities. Galit is a freelance writer for Everyday Family, Mamalode Magazine, SheKnows’s allParenting, Soleil Moon Frye’s Moonfrye, and The Huffington Post blog. Galit blogs at These Little Waves and — it has to be said — Tweets and Facebooks a lot.

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