6 Ways to Help A Shy Child Prepare for Kindergarten

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While Vicky’s tips were developed with to help a shy child prepare for kindergarten, even the most outgoing and confident of kiddos can get anxious about a major life change. These are wonderful suggestions for preparing any little one for the first day of his or her elementary school career! ~Ellie, Family Room Editor

By Vicky of Mess for Less

This time of the year many children are getting ready to start kindergarten. This can be an exciting time, but it can also cause stress for children. Children are often leaving preschool friends, and those who have not attended preschool yet are entering kindergarten not knowing what to expect. This normal stress can be made worse for the child who is shy or struggles with social skills. But there are simple things parents can do to help kids feel more at ease and give them the tools they need to enter kindergarten with confidence. My twins started kindergarten last year, and the following tips helped us to ease the transition.



ABOUT VICKY:  Vicky is a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom. While being home with three girls, she started doing activities to entertain and educate them. Friends would ask about what she was doing, and in an effort to share ideas, her blog, Mess for Less was born. Vicky blogs about kids activities, crafts, family friendly recipes and parenting issues.

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These are great tips to help shy kindergarteners by Mess for Less