11 Baby Shower Gifts That Will Make an Impression

Amanda Elder

Baby registries need to be revamped for a few reasons. First off, walking into a huge store like Buy Buy Baby with a scanning gun and no boundaries is overwhelming. When I was pregnant with my first, I found myself asking, “Do I really need all this?” The answer is no, but the baby stores aren’t going to tell you that.

Of course, there are many items that are crucial. You literally won’t get far without a stroller or car seat. An Ergo carrier is absolutely necessary, and a baby monitor makes life easier, too.

However, many other items only get used for a short time, and are best bought second hand, for instance, those jump-a-roo things. The infant sits down in the center of a full-circle of activities and bounces all she wants while Mama gets to pee alone or do the dishes with two hands for a solid six minutes. They’re cool, but the child will use it for five months tops, then people get sick of tripping over it in the living room.

A lot of baby gear gets only gently used, then needs a new home. That’s why I’m all for hand-me-down baby items and registry gifts that are more practical for the mama.
Here are 11 items that would make an impression as baby shower presents:

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1. A large supply of coffee

The best gifts, however, are ones people don’t already buy for themselves. Chances are 97% of functioning American adults buy coffee at the store like it’s not an option. Get her something special instead, like gift cards to Starbucks. This way she’ll have an excuse to get out of the house (which we know she’ll need). She’ll deserve a treat, and
need one that will add some fuel to her tank.

2. A wine collection

Don’t just stock the mom-to-be up on an assortment of diapers- get her wine stocked, too. Both are parenting necessities.

3. A collection of tank tops

The nursing tanks are kind of awkward, but regular tanks allow pretty easy access, themselves. If she’s going to nurse, you know she’s will need some garments where she can easily pop a ta-ta in and out.

4. Yoga pants

Let’s be honest, it takes a while to get back into our pre-pregnancy clothes, and yoga pants are kind. Chances are Mama will have her days and nights as mixed up as her cub for a while, so comfort is key.

5. A gift certificate to a great sushi restaurant

Chances are, she went a whole nine months without sushi and could use a rainbow roll right now. Regardless of her food preferences, she definitely needs a date away from her home. In addition to the gift certificate, give her a babysitting voucher.

6. Underwear

I can’t be the only cheap-o who tried to wear my regular ones during my entire pregnancy. A friend gave me a new collection of undies as a shower gift, and I really appreciated since my supply was completely stretched out.

7. An Amazon prime membership

She will probably spend way too much time looking for one specific pacifier, and need some more to show up on her doorstep STAT. An Amazon Prime membership is a life saver.

8. A funny book about parenting

She might find What to Expect During the First Year helpful but I Heart My Little A-Holes will be even more so. She’ll need to laugh, be light-hearted, and know that no one is perfect.

9. A blue tooth for hands-free talking

She shouldn’t have to choose between doing the dishes or calling her mom during her few moments of free time. Get her this helpful device so she can do both at the same time!

10. One of those robot vacuums

It’ll be one less thing she’ll have to do one-handed. This would be awesome.

11. Jewelry

At my baby shower, I opened a bunch of board books, bath towels, shampoos, and outfits. Then I got a little box with a fun pair of earrings in it. I looked surprised, and my friend said, “You need something special, too.” Really, I was touched.

Maybe what I’m proposing here is not so much gift ideas for baby showers, but mama showers. They should be a thing. If you ask me, they make more sense.

What would you add to the list?



These gifts will make any mama happy at her baby shower. What would you add?

Amanda Elder is a teacher turned stay-at-home mom to two boys and wife of a resident doctor in Orlando, FL. When she isn't playing with trains, doing dishes, or having sword fights, she is writing. Her work has been published by Scary Mommy, Blunt Moms, In the Powder Room, Sammiches and Psych Meds, and Mamalode. Learn more about her at Stay at Home Panda.