A Month of Celebrating Women

BonBon Break

The Women of Bonbon Break. This is Issue number 11 and it still chokes me up every Sunday morning as I compile this beautiful graphic.

The Women of Bonbon Break. Each week it is their issue for you.

We comb the web looking for the sites, posts and writers we think you will enjoy and ultimately, it is their incredible talents that fill our rooms.

When we first launched Bonbon Break on July 16 of this year, I wrote that “I am representing moms and with that comes a new sense of responsibility and pride…and to be honest, a bit of a twist in my stomach.” The responsibility that comes with representing the work and words of these women, these women whom I hold a deep respect for, can be overwhelming at times. Many of the women within these issues, I know personally and now others, I know virtually through their blogs, our contributor’s room on Facebook and via the many emails transmitted back and forth.

During these times when some choose to pick sides or cast stones,  wchoose to come together. Your voices sing in harmony. Your images create colorful collages that compliment one another like a patchwork quilt. Your creativity, intelligence and ingenuity create a space that celebrates your individuality and commonality.

For the month of October, we are celebrating the Woman. The woman who travels to help others, the woman who dedicates her lifework to provide top notch television viewing for children, the woman who strives to make your travel experiences smoother. They each bring something valuable to our lives and there are so many more within the rooms this month and within the upcoming issues.

Join us this month in celebrating the women in your life who inspire, teach, love and push you to be your best self. Mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, friends…celebrate and support one another. Listen. Cherish. Learn.

Welcome to Issue 11 and thank you to the lovely ladies of this issue whose works grace our rooms. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

Val Curtis