20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Val Curtis

Do you have all of your packages beautifully wrapped under your tree already? I don’t and I needed a little inspiration. Needless to say, writing a post about Christmas wrapping 2 days before Christmas may not be my best use of time; however, I figured these sweet ideas might inspire you, too!! 

I am really moving toward the brown paper bag ideas since we can’t recycle traditional wrapping paper. Is that a weird thing right there? Which one is traditional? Paper bags or wrapping paper? Thoughts to ponder. That is about all of the time I can commit to that!

If you need to keep the kids busy while you are wrapping, bust out the Christmas Charades.

If you need a little liquid pick-me-up, peruse our Christmas Cocktails

If you just need some creative bow tying tips (these are REALLY cool!), check out how to tie a perfect bow.

Finally, if these ideas aren’t enough for you, we have 8 more creative gift wrapping ideas just in case.

Before you head over there check out these wonderfully inspiring Christmas wrapping ideas!

Inspiring Christmas Wrapping Ideas


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasRandi from Dukes And Duchesses has these 3 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas ready for you. The simple stick tree and Santa packages are my favorites!



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasWhen your site is called “Mod Podge Rocks Blog” a DIY Confetti Christmas Gift Wrap is right up your alley. Isn’t this adorable? Honestly, I think this one is an easy one and it won’t end up on your Pinterest fail list.


Washi tape Christmas WrappingAt A Spoonful Of Sugar, they have created a fool proof was to spice up your Christmas packages with this Washi Tape Wrapping Paper.


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Have a little balsa wood around? These little Christmas Tree Gift Topper by Make and Tell will make your presents stand out.


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Well, it just wouldn’t be a complete Christmas wrapping round up without Christmas Unicorn Gift Bag Tutorial. Am I right? Thank you to Tikkido for helping us check this one off our list. Now to find that horn!


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas I really adore this Christmas Chalkboard Packaging by Bonnie Christine. What a cute idea! I will be adding this one to my list of Christmas wrapping ideas for next year for sure. I don’t think I will be finding this paper tonight. Ya win some, ya lose some.


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasThese Easy Gift Wrap Gift Tag Stickers by Homey Oh My are a genius idea. I really love this and it would work wonderfully with my brown bag paper idea, too! I am off to go cut some pine boughs and salal. Oh, wait. I need to tell you about the rest of these first!


Amy at The Idea Room has one of my favorite ideas with her Creative Christmas Gift Wrap . I adore that these are reusable and almost kid proof for those who want to take a peek ahead of time. 



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasThese Cupcake Liner Ornaments Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper by Stacey at The Soccer Mom Blog are so kid-friendly. Just buy some cute little cupcake liners and you are more than half way there. This is another great option for those paper bags!


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasAre your kids driving you batty and they need something to do? Have them make some of this Homemade Wrapping Paper Sponge Stamping by Confessions Of An Overworked Mom. Honestly, have them start in July and then when December comes, you won’t even have to think about it!



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasPretty up your brown paper packages with this DIY Ribbon Tutorial by Hearth And Vine. Cute, right!?!?



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasThis is so darn cool. Each one looks totally unique and this Tie Dye Wrapping Paper technique by Diana Rambles can be used year round.



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasOk,Nellie Bellie. I see your How To Make A Gift Bag tutorial, but I am deathly afraid that this would turn into a disaster for me. Honestly, I think this would be a good one for my crafty daughter. I might end up with ribbon and torn paper that looks like an oven mitt.



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasBrittany Goldwyn is a goddess of Custom Gift Wrap DIYs. Isn’t this pretty? Again, I think I would have to work on this one when the kids aren’t around. Ya, I need some serious mama craft time for this Christmas wrapping idea.



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas I am literally printing off this Printable Paper Bow Template by Thrifty Jinxy as I type this. Isn’t it genius??! Bless those who make printable for us.



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasJust in case one wasn’t enough for you. We have another Christmas Unicorn Gift Wrap Idea by My Heavenly Recipes here for you. Enjoy!



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasAt first glance, I thought this was going to be a tutorial about how to make a glittery deer head. HOWEVER, check out the Free Printable Wood Grain Wrapping Paper by Tikkido! Another creative genius making our lives easier. Mwwwwah!



20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasAnytime a package is reusable, I am a fan and now you can learn How To Paint A Snowflake Gift Pouch by The Things We’ll Make.



A20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping IdeasAnother great idea that would transfer to our brown paper bag dreams. This Holiday Lights Gift Wrap Tutorial by Burlap And Blue is ridiculously cute and even I could do it!


20 Awesome Christmas Wrapping Ideas

This Santa Gift Bag Idea by That’s What Che Said is so cute and I put it at the end because, honestly, this is one I want to receive. Thank you super crafty people for giving us such awesome Christmas wrapping inspiration in the eleventh hour!

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Bless all the craft people who can come up with these beautiful Christmas gift wrapping ideas. We have everything from something for the hardcore DIY mama to the easy brown paper package with a little bling. There are a few printables in there, too!