Whoever said, youth is wasted on the young, hasn’t met my son by Ice Scream Mama

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Whoever said, youth is wasted on the young, hasn’t met my son

~:: Ice Scream Mama ::~


Most kids are excited for their birthdays. Or, just can’t wait to be big.  But for as far back as I can remember, my 10 year-old son has associated birthdays with growing up, something he has firmly decided he does not want to do. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 30’s that I realized what my son already knew at three. Growing up means growing older, and while there are so many beautiful experiences you gain along the way, you also lose something precious as well. You’re only young once. So while some might call him immature, to those I politely stick out my tongue and say, Pthhhhhhpptt!

Ice Cream Mama AlisaaABOUT ALISA:  I am a SAHM of three delicious boys who I eat up day and night, except when they’ve gone a little sour, then they give me a bit of a stomach ache. Anyway, I love writing, I love reading. I love being active – running, biking, having a catch, whatever. My favorite treat is ice cream. Sometimes I have it twice a day. I decided I deserve it. You do too.

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