You Went to a Funeral and Then You Went Home by Our Small Moments

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You Went To a Funeral and Then You Went Home by Our Small Moments

Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  We’ve all watched from afar as someone we’ve known grappled with unimaginable tragedy.  We said our kind words, and helped the best ways we knew how, but in the end we returned to our normal lives. What happens when it’s YOUR life that was shattered?  What happens to the people who are forced to leave a funeral and walk into a new life that they didn’t deserve and certainly didn’t want?  “You Went to a Funeral and Then You Went Home” is a powerful piece that illustrates both sides of a family’s struggle with and loss to cancer.


You Went to a Funeral and then You Went Home

ABOUT COURTNEY: Currently, I am a mom, teacher, writer, photographer, and dreamer. I used to think life was something to figure out, but losing my healthy husband to a very rare cancer, I learned it’s all about LIVING. Everyday, I try to forget about the future, and enjoy the moments of today, whether those moments are good or bad. At, I write about life, loss, my kids, parenting a child with high functioning autism, and any other thought I decided to share. I have been featured in many online publications. I am teaching a photography course at BlogU this summer; and have an essay in the new hit anthology, I Just Want to Be Alone.

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