Why sometimes it doesn’t pay to try and be sneaky by Wrinkled Mommy

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Why sometimes it doesn’t pay to try and be sneaky

~:: Wrinkled Mommy ::~

There’s a time in every mother’s life when her needs must be met. She has bathed kids, poured juice, bandaged boo-boos, picked up toys for the 100th time that day, broken up 23 arguments SO FAR, and has heard MAMA 458 times and it’s only 1:30 PM. Sometimes, though, getting our needs met is not that easy.

ABOUT DEBBIE: Debbie blogs at Wrinkled Mommy about life and parenting. She uses humor and illustrations frequently in order to explain the chaos that occurs from being a mom of six, including one set of triplets.

She left her corporate Senior Account Analyst career, to stay home and be a servant to her insubordinate offspring. In her spare time she enjoys…never mind, she has no spare time.

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