When Men Don’t Hear What Women Say

Jeanne Kunz Hugenbruch

It is estimated that men hear as little as two words for every five a woman speaks.

Some women might suggest it is actually less than that.

And I know some men who might say “What? Did you say something?”

So it really came as no surprise last week when this scenario took place:

Mandolin: “That’s a nice looking tomato in that basket.”
Me: “Yes, it is the best of that variety that I grew. Please don’t eat it.”

Mandolin: “Don’t eat it? But it’s the best looking tomato in the basket.”
Me: “Yeah I know, I want to save the seeds from it. It was probably a twin tomato, but since it was the best one, I want the seeds. So, please don’t eat it. You can have any of the other tomatoes, just not this one.”

Mandolin: “Really? But that is such a nice looking tomato.”
Me: “Yes, it is. Here, I’ll move it to the side so you don’t forget.”

So the next day, when I came home from work, the tomato was gone. I knew what had happened.

When he returned from work I asked “Did you have a tomato today?”

“Yes,” he said, “that really nice looking one from the basket.”
“Was it good?” I asked.
“Oh yeah, that was a really good tomato.”

When I reminded him that it was the one I wanted the seeds from, he apologized.
Then jokingly added, “But you kept saying ‘Eat tomato. Eat tomato.’”

Smart aleck!

After almost 40 years together, I should have known better.

Say less, leave notes.



When Men Don't Hear What Women Say

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Gardening Jones, or often simply GJ, is the pen name for Jeanne Kunz Hugenbruch, mother of 3 and grandmother of 1. What began as a way to provide healthier food for her children over 30 years ago, has become a passion that she shares with her blog readers. A self-proclaimed gardening addict, GJ also admins a Facebook group called simply Gardenaholics Anonymous. There she uses her decades of experience and Master Gardener training to enable others to become hooked on growing their own food. In collaboration with her childhood sweetheart, a restauranteur, they share recipes and cooking techniques in both blog and book form. She is a member of the Garden Writers Association, and recently was awarded a State Nutrition Services Award and had her yard declared a Certified Wildlife Habitat. She writes, gardens, cooks and cans in Zone 5/6, NE Pa.