Unintended Consequences of Being YOU by Mom Explores Michigan

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Unintended Consequences of Being You by Mom Explores Michigan

We teach our kids that different is good, that life would be boring if everyone were the same. But when people are different than we are, or, more pointedly, better than we are at something, it makes us feel insecure…like them being great all of a sudden makes us less good. That feeling makes us scramble or insult or dismiss or excuse just to put ourselves back on higher ground.

But instead we sink, and we bring other women down with us.

I don’t want people to dial things down so I can feel secure. My friends don’t need to hide their talents so I can feel better about myself. I want to live in a community where women can showcase their strengths and pursue their talents at home and in the workforce without the fear of being or looking “too good.”

When women excel, it is good for all of us We should celebrate the opportunity that women can be anything, from a corporate leader to a killer room mom. There is a seat for everyone at the table and we all benefit when everyone gives their best to make things work.

This amazing post is Brooke’s first appearance on BonBon Break. Click through and read it in its entirety – you will not regret it! This is one that brought tears to my eyes. ~Ellie, Editor of the Family Room


Brooke RomneyABOUT BROOKE: I have bounced back and forth across the country and am now settled in Utah but left a piece of my heart in Michigan. I continue to blog about my favorite Michigan spots from afar and have a small team of writers to help. Mom Explores Michigan also serves as the place I share my thoughts, recipes, and favorite books. I have a handsome husband and 4 rowdy but loving boys who make our world go round. I have a weakness for fall, sunshine, free events, great design, good reads and gummy candy. And because I know you are wondering… no, I am not trying for a girl.

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