Twister Math

Bethany Lake

As school has just started, finding fun ways to help your kids practice their math facts can often seem like a daunting task! And finding ways to get them up and moving at the same time? That can feel impossible! Here is a simple idea that is not only easy and fun but it’s also a great way to keep your kids active, even if they can’t get outside to play (especially as autumn and winter make it more difficult to get outside and play). It’s Twister Math and what’s more, you will have it set up in no time!

All you need is a Twister game mat and spinner – yes that’s it, oh and some post-it notes or scraps of paper, and you can help your kids practice virtually any math topic. What? You don’t have the classic game lying around your house? Not to worry, you can grab one from your local supermarket or online at Amazon for around $12.

Even though they will be practicing math facts, your kids are sure to love this simple game. Not even realizing that they are learning.  They’re bound to end up rolling in the floor in laughter and getting some great exercise in the process! This is an especially great game for those rainy or cold winter days when everyone is stuck in the house.




Practice fun math facts using the classic children's game Twister

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Bethany is the mom behind the blog, a website dedicated to helping parents and educators teach math in a way that is fun and engaging, while building a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics. When she's not playing with numbers, she's exploring with her four little ones, drinking way too much coffee, or soaking up the chaos of everyday life.